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NO on AB1000. We need a safe water supply.
NO on AB1000
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By Winston Hickox and Julian Canete, Special to CALmatters/ source link but I wouldn’t use it: The California Environmental Quality Act requires a stringent evaluation of the implications of major projects and requires that impacts be avoided. It’s a long, complicated process. When a project completes the arduous...

Despite running an aggressive negative campaign, with the adjournment of the California Legislature on September 16, 2017, opponents of the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project failed to secure passage this year of Assembly Bill (AB) 1000, a bill introduced in July 2017...

“Gut and amend” AB 1000 an after-the-fact attempt to saddle project with additional reviews Earlier this week, a new “gut and amend” bill, Assembly Bill 1000, passed the California Legislature’s Senate Committee on Natural Resources by a 7-2 vote. Assemblymember Laura Friedman’s (D-43rd District-Burbank) Assembly Bill...