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NO on AB1000. We need a safe water supply.
NO on AB1000
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9.4.2018  |    SB 120 was a gut and amend of a budget bill introduced with 5 days left in the 2017/2018 2-year session. It provided a vehicle for the language of a prior gut and amend, AB 1000, which did not advance in the first year of the session.  SB 120 was passed by the Assembly on August 29, 2018, but on August 31, just prior to the close of the 2017/2018 Legislative session, the bill was held by the Senate Appropriations Committee and cannot become law.



SB 120 is a gut and amend of a budget bill to provide a vehicle for AB 1000, another gut and amend bill that has never had the proper legislative process. Now in the waning hours of session, proponents are attempting to move it through an entire 2 year process in just 5 days. Visit the Take Action page and urge your legislators to STOP SB 120. It is scheduled for a hearing in Assembly Natural Resources Committee on Tuesday, August 28, 2018. If it passes it will move to the Assembly Floor.


In order to become law, SB 120 must pass the Committee, the Assembly Floor, and the Senate Floor. In the Senate and Assembly, it should also be heard by the Appropriations Committees because it involves significant taxpayers dollars. If SB 120 were to complete these steps, it would then go before the California Governor for his consideration. The Governor must consider all bills approved during the legislative session prior to September 30, 2018.  If the Governor does not veto the bill, SB 120 would become law on January 1, 2019.


SB 120 and its predecessor AB 1000 have never followed normal order and have avoided public scrutiny.   Visit the Take Action page and urge your legislators to STOP SB 120.