Protect Water & Jobs | PROTECT WATER & JOBS.
STOP AB1000. It puts a reliable Water supply at risk.
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Protect Water, Jobs, and Our Future.

AB 1000 NOW SB 120

Last year, a broad coalition of more than 75 local, state, and national organizations – including labor unions, local government groups, chambers, cities, and water agencies – came together to oppose Assembly Bill 1000 because it was bad policy that would have created new uncertainty for any infrastructure project in California, jeopardizing affordable, reliable services for all communities.


AB 1000 would have changed the rules of the game in an effort to stop the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project and required a “double jeopardy” environmental review for the project – even though it has been reviewed, approved, and deemed safe for the environment under the most aggressive environmental law in the nation, the California Environmental Quality Act, by local and state agencies, and by California’s courts. The precedent the bill set would also have injected even more uncertainty for other projects reviewed and approved under CEQA, including transportation, school and hospital construction and affordable housing projects.


Last year, AB 1000 was placed on the Senate suspense file, and in 2018, the proponents of that bill did not introduce any other replacement legislation d. Now with 5 days left in the 2018 legislative session, Senate Bill 120 – a non-germane budget bill – has been gutted and amended to serve as a vehicle for AB 1000 in the hopes of quickly passing it through the Legislature in the waning hours of session outside of regular order.

Our Coalition

Protect Water, Jobs, and Our Future.

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About the Cadiz Water Project

An innovative, new sustainable water source for Southern California.

Prevents Water Loss

The project will recover an annual average of 50,000 acre-feet of groundwater before it evaporates.

Creates A New Water Supply

The Cadiz Water Project will create a new water supply – enough for 100,000 families a year.

Economic Activity

The Project would create and support over 5,900 jobs and generate nearly $1 billion in economic activity.

No Environmental Impact

The Cadiz Water Project will have no negative impact on the desert environment, including flora, fauna and wildlife.

Renewable Water Supply

Detailed scientific analysis of the Project has confirmed that the groundwater is naturally renewable.

Stabilize Our Water Supply

The Cadiz Project offers certainty in both wet and dry years that our water supply will be available.